About Project English


Project English® is at its core a research and development project. It is not about technology but about how to use it. The Project English Next Generation Teaching Ecosystem® is a new concept being developed with the purpose of taking the maximum advantage of the computing cloud to radically improving current levels of performance, content delivery, student engagement and operational economy focusing on demanding adult students, businesses and corporate language training. The Project English Next Generation Teaching Ecosystem® consists of a cloud application composed by four interfaces and a community of innovation composed by teachers, researchers and developers.

The Project English® communities of innovation will create additional value for the users as they develop new teaching techniques, establish teaching processes, engineer technology implementation and deploy solutions harnessing the collective power of teachers, developers, partners, customers and others integral to the shared success of each learning project.


2 Responses to About Project English

  1. Michael Kennedy says:

    Thank you for helping me find the correct web address.
    It is nice to see what your business is, and what services you offer. Feel free to contact me anytime by telephone or by e-mail.
    I look forward to being in contact with you soon.

  2. James Gergich says:

    Nice website.

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